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So I had him clean the sidewalks and driveway, and rake the side yard. This took him nearly the entire 2 hours, and led to a rather fraught conversation on where to put the resulting leaves. It leaves me understanding, though, how very right I was to give up on the lawnwork and let someone younger do it: I estimate it would have taken me roughly 6 hours over 3 days and left me in an aching puddle each day and for more thereafter.

I'm gonna have him remove the weeds from the empty beds next week. I'll be able to put them to bed properly for once!

One thing and another, it was nearly 5pm and a measly 80 degrees before I went to do bee-stuff, and let me tell you! The propolis had achieved superglue status. It took me nearly 5 minutes of work just to loosen the lid enough to remove it. The top box was not going to come off at all, let alone the entire tower as I had intended.

Good enough. I noticed that a lot of cells were still open, the honey still being processed. I'll wait for the Great Heat to return for hive-opening.

If you actually like the people of Teen Wolf and are interested in the relationships and pack structure, zip over to KouriArashi on AoOO. I highly recommend her series The Sum Of Its Parts, which explores what might happen if Stiles found it both possible and necessary to
kill Peter
- think carefully before spoiling yourself by highlighting that. It is an excellent series, and ferociously (heh) satisfying.

She has also done most of a story set in the popular "Werewolves are known, and non-were people show up to be claimed as mates" ... thingy. Genre. AU. Wotsit. And, as is popular, Stiles gets claimed when he wasn't actually looking to have it happen.

This one is an excellent study of bullying, overt, covert, and unintended. Derek shines as the inarticulate and incapable-of-relationship-savvy person he is, determined to articulate and woo regardless. Very very nice on all sides. Do not be put off by the fact that it is a WIP; it is currently at a very nice stopping place even so, and she seems to be updating rigorously.

Solid craftwork, solid grasp of characters, personalities, and psychology, no love for humiliation. Highly recommended. I'm still devouring.
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