Jul. 1st, 2012

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So I have been in training for 8 days; tomorrow they think will be my last day of training, and they want to have me on the phones in the afternoon. My entire 4-person class is doing very well, and I am at the top of my class.

Oh, I hope this goes well. It requires more of my skills than the CapTel job did, and doesn't require the kind of lingual agility that CapTel did, and that proved my undoing there.

So: bees. We have three hives: the weak hive, the normal hive, and the strong hive. The weak hive was dying off. I had been urged to place it in the same spot as the others (there is a pond there, which helps with the drought), and to swap in a couple of frames of bees from the strong hive. That hadn't gone quite as well as I had hoped, so I put it just entirely on top of the strong hive, and hoped for the best. By "not going as well," what I mean is "wasn't increasing in any visible fashion." By "hoping for the best" what I mean is "these gals are already building a bunch of places they aren't supposed to be building, so let's see if they will build in this hive."

They did it. The gals built all over several frames, and the queen laid up there, and the hive was up to thousands of workers when I looked at it yesterday. Too cool. And I had just collected their new queen, and inserted her, so I have a lot of hope for the weak hive's survival now.

So while I had those two hives open, I opened the third, and saw that they still hadn't grown very much. So I took a deep breath, and took out two of the entirely unused frames from there, and inserted one of the Downtown Construction Site frames from the top of the strong hive. This gives the ambitious ladies two more frames of their own to build on for their queen, and gives the transferred workers a lot of elbow room for their creativity.

I had also brought out one of the queen-excluders, and a half-full "super," which is a shorter box in which the workers only build honey cells - since the queen can't get there to lay brood. (It's a "super" because it goes on top of the "brood boxes," which is where the queen lays her eggs.) I'll need to put fresh foundation in another 7 or 9 frames to take out there and finish filling it. Frankly, I need to put fresh foundation into all the super frames I have, but it has been too hot and I haven't been in the mood. So that is a goal for this week.

Okay! Audience participation time!

I'd like to name these three queens; something that refers to the states that their hives are in somehow, so that I can remember who is who. SO.

Offer me names. With each name, tell me which hive it goes with, and why.

When I have enough to make a selection among, I will choose a couple for each, and put them up for more discussion.

Life increases. Things improve. Joy expands.


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