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I alread spend too much of every day on the computer, so usually I do not read slash (or other fanfiction, for that matter) while I'm on the computer. It causes ... problems ... with my family, who want to use either the computer or me.

So instead, I download the stories, massage the HTML to take out extraneous scripts and such, and run them through Mobipocket so that I can read them on my Palm Pilot. In groups.

If the stories are good, I keep them for later. If they aren't - that is to say, if the whole .prc isn't good, I'll delete it. Once in a while, I'll re-read.

Once in a while, a group of stories turns into comfort fic.

Northern Comfort by Kellie Matthews (250KB)
NC-17 Crossover Other
Summary: A Due South & Hard Core Logo Crossover. What happens when Billy Tallent and Benton Fraser collide when they're both at a low ebb in their lives, or think they are.

No Secrets by Kellie Matthews (290KB)
Fraser/Kowalski Fraser/m
NC-17 Crossover Other
Summary: After his experiences with Billy Tallent, Fraser can no longer sublimate his feelings for Ray K., but doesn't believe those feelings will be reciprocated.

Title of work: Shadows Fade
Author: Kellie Matthews & AuKestrel
Format: Novella/Crossover/AU
Year Written: 2000
Fanfic? yes, series: Hard Core Logo and Tales of the City
Is it archived? Yes, in: http://aukestrel.com/shadowsfade.html
Brief synopsis: A Tales of the City & Hard Core Logo Crossover (with a cameo mention of due South) and a sequel to "Northern Comfort." Billy Tallent teams up with a lawyer in San Francisco to work on his custody case, and gets a lot more than he bargained for.
Warning: NC-17. Contains graphic sexuality (M/M).

These are long, long stories; the last one particularly is novel-length all by itself. Deep relationship stuff: people changing their ideas about who they are and what they're allowed.

Comfort fic. Wallow stuff. Chocolates and hot bathtubs and the occasional tissue.
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Chasing Fraser, by damned_colonial (for the genderfuck challenge)

This is another way to put it into the present, to show both that fighting-by-your-side mutual heroism, but also the wistfulness that comes of knowing that to act on your love requires the giving up of everything you believe about yourself, and everything your society believes about you, and hoping against hope that the one you love is willing to make that same sacrifice.


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