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Cesperanza / Speranza / Francesca has always written with this background knowing of queerness; how it exists as community, the adjustments and compromises that one makes, and those one refuses to make. How an individual exists in isolation, and how he exists in a shadowed society.

Her newest work, Friendly, takes this background and makes it foreground. And it is all done with body-language: who may talk to whom, and about what; who is prevented from talking, and why; and how such barriers may be overcome.

I highly, highly recommend it. Guy-warning: there is a public blowjob, but you can skip past that if you are very, very careful.
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Parhelion's site entitled Germination Records contains an extended bounty of perfectly-executed narrative voice, whether that of Archie Goodwin, Nero Wolfe, or even on occasion Saul Panzer or Lily Rowan. She weaves everything from a brief wait on an encounter with mortality to a long, involved undercover war story. The quiet desperation and longing with which she infuses everything is a moist, rich dessert, but the language! The language is incredible. )

You must go read several of these stories. Pay attention to the warnings: in most cases, but not all, the sex is off-screen, or can be ignored by the uninterested. In all cases, though, the sex is ... warming, moving, rather than arousing, to my eyes. The relationships themselves are far more interesting.
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[livejournal.com profile] filkertom has discovered slash. Behold what he has shown me:

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On this day, as we cannot help but remember what was, for our generation, what December 7, 1941 was for our parents', it is proper and appropriate to consider the work Cesperanza has put into a so-called "fanfiction" for the television science-fiction show "Stargate: Atlantis."

Rather like Shakespeare's "fanfiction" of "Julius Caesar," this takes the bones and flesh of the original and does something incredible and searing with them. It makes a new story and forces us into the understanding that no history, however thorough, well-researched, and unbiased its writers consider it to be, can be anything but a pale shadow of the truth.

What we have been told about 9/11 is not the truth. What we have been shown about it is not the truth. What we have discovered about it is not the truth.

We can do no more than to accept that we will always believe lies about what happened on that day, even as we seek more and more knowledge. It will never be enough to be True; but it will be worth the seeking anyway.

Please read [livejournal.com profile] cesperanza's Written By The Victors if you have not already done so. Irretrievably straight guys: you can safely skip over the few non-safe scenes without it ruining the story for you.

Art has been made for the various volumes of this work by [livejournal.com profile] zulu.

An archive of related material has been collected.

As often happens with particularly deep works, an associated story has been written: Exile.

ETA: KBusse has written an analysis at http://kbusse.wordpress.com.

She refers to Lim's "Sheppard-focussed vid" at YouTube, which I have now seen, and which is incredible. Using only video taken from SG:A, she creates the entire WWbV story in images and text. It is to make one stop, silent, weep a bit, and then remember how to breathe.

And underneath the cut-tag I've attempted to embed a video made with consummate skill, again by [livejournal.com profile] zulu, who has actually created the story! From available shots!

The Video by Zulu )
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It is necessary to go right now and read Aegis by Springwoof and Leah.

This novel postulates that the ATA gene also confers "Gifts," like unto those of Marvel's Mutants, and tells the entire story up just past The Siege in terms of those Gifts, the interactions of the people who have to cope with them, and their impact on the relations between those people, the Wraith, and the necessarily unGifted people of the Pegasus galaxy.

There is plot. There is characterization. There is angst. There is, finally, a decent explanation for why John Sheppard doesn't like to be touched. There is backstory inserted appropriately among the current story.

Go read it.
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My very dear insane friend [livejournal.com profile] mazarinade recently asked for published instances of inter-alien sex - which we duly answered - and the thought led me to this:

I believe in paying money where money is due. And being American, I believe that money is one of the highest forms of accolades, right underneath chocolate, good alcohol, and string-free orgasms. So when I started reading and enjoying the very hell out of slash, I thought to myself, in my wordwitchy way, "Go! Go unto the purveyors of books, and find good porn, and pay thy tribute to the writers thereof!" And so I went unto the purveyors of books, and attempted to find good porn.

I have never read such a motley collection of sad, sad prose since I firmly closed the cover on The Man In The Gray Flannel Suit back when I was in high school. Three pages in.

I thought - well, maybe ... maaaaayyybee it's because this is ... "straight"? Maybe I should poke into (if you will) the gay and otherwise queer stuff?

No dice. Award-winning, multiply-published volumes of sad, sad stuff.

Now: Heinlein, as many things as he got wrong (and as much as I honor him for trying anyhow), got one thing absolutely right:

The only sin sex can commit is to be joyless.

With the single exception of Eric Flint's first novel (ok, ok, and also the scene in his 1632), every single instance I have read in the professionally published literature of explicit sex has been just that: Joyless.

Regardless of genre, orientation, or audience.

I don't run into this among fanfiction, whether slash, het, or omigodwhatWASthat?? And while it's very possible that the reason that I don't is that I've managed to avoid it through the judicious use of recommendations and KnownAuthors, the fact remains that I can read dozens of stories a day and never run into a joyless, soulless sex scene. (Badly written: yes. Flat: yes. Sad? Nuh-uh.)

I ask you, O Fellow Livejournalists: Why Is This?
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Because gayness is everywhere, because diversity allows a species to survive, I recommend to you all, without exception, We Have Heard The Male Whales Singing, Each to Each. Exceptionally beautiful comment-fic.
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People who have friended me from the fanfiction and slash side of my journal are nearly all already aware of this situation. However, and given that I have been commenting on fanfiction for a while now, I desire to present my other friends with some collected information on this subject. Following are links to overviews and discussions that I have found, even as peripheral as I have been to the entire thing.
FanLib materials )
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[livejournal.com profile] legionseagle, who I discovered through a rec ... somewhere, and I'll talk about that momentarily, has been revealed, as I perused her LJ, as a British Intellectual Property lawyer.


And I, as a Librarian and a teacher of Information Literacy, always prefer information from professionals in the field to that of relatively uninformed, however enthusiastic, amateurs. (Excepting always astronomy, in which the amateurs discover, and the professionals analyze. But I digress.)

Do please read her essay on the laws and practices of intellectual property as they apply to fanfiction.


Go and read her novel The Fog on the Clyde, a persuasive, well-paced adventure slash for Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (which movie I highly recommend to those susceptible to Doc Smith and Doc Savage stories, the which I am myself).

Unlike some of us (frowns into mirror) who are optimistic or blind about the status of gay relationships in this and other periods of history, [livejournal.com profile] legionseagle weaves into her story, as one of the necessary strands, period (and, to a great extent, current) attitudes toward homosexual relationships. She explains Frankie's status as a 1939 decorated commander of a great (huge, omigod BIG) airgoing aircraft carrier. She runs people back and forth across the wilds of Scotland and the depths of the Atlantic, and the only possible place (to this point in my reading, which is quite far along but not all the way through) where the pace flags is, understandably enough, while our Intrepid Reporter is undercover at a house-party from which she hopes to extract information. And even then, not nearly as slowly as I have seen published authors do the same scene.

It is a fandom so very tiny as to be practically nonexistant. And this is a novel so very large as to be practically overwhelming: think later Harry Potter in size. What I did was to copy the entire multi-part creation into a single document, and then to create a .prc from it, so as to be able to cart it around on my palm pilot.

Go. Read. Worship.

Guys: the sex scenes are very few and far between, and you can skip over them easily if need be. Read it for the adventure!

BONUS POINTS: Spot the cameos!
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And, you know, this isn't even that slashy. Just by mention. Guys: read. You will adore. This is by [livejournal.com profile] siriaeve and [livejournal.com profile] sheafrotherdon.

When the SGC made John and Rodney go on Doctor Phil.

(Make sure you keep scrolling down. It's kind of tag-team fiction in comments. You do NOT want to miss the last line!)
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[livejournal.com profile] toomuchplor has inverted the prevalent slash meme of "one day, he woke up gay" in her story Straight As A Circle; one of the omnipresent religious personnel of the Stargate universe offers to "lift the Colonel's burden," and it isn't until later that he realizes that he has become straight.

After all, there's no gayer for John to become, really.

This is a hilarious and painful examination of the intertwined and sometimes veiling roles that physical attraction and affection play in humans. It's long, and plotty, and only about half safe for guys; also, there is much blatant heterosexuality.

I highly recommend it.

ETA: She added a missing scene by request, in a separate post. Painful, breathless, sweet.
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Go and read this now. It's Cesperanza's Insane Musings about Gender, and it makes some comments about the difference between slash, and how we read it - and political pornography, if I may apply that term to the fiction in question, and how we read that.
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This - this is why fanfiction is a female pursuit, and why it is pursued with such glee, and why, as those Not In The Know rant and flap their hands and shriek of Lack Of Imagination, those of us who read it wholly and totally ignore them, scarcely even wasting any time in responding.

Purty Flowers, by [livejournal.com profile] lavvyan, is a Stargate: Atlantis AU where John is a sunflower, Rodney is a blue tulip, there is heroism, sex, and mpreg! (male pregnancy. Of sorts.) And not a single thing is unsuitable for your children, except the part where you snort your coffee through your ears, and your kid looks at you in total confusion.

Purty Flowers Part 1: Life in Full Bloom
Purty Flowers Part 2: Home Alone (by [livejournal.com profile] smuffster)
Purty Flowers Part 3: The Necessity of Having a Bee (Or Not)
Purty Flowers Part 4: The Flight of the Bumblebee
Purty Flowers Part 5: Is that even possible? (by [livejournal.com profile] smuffster)

Guys! Go read!

see the cover here! )
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String Theory: A Concerto for Violin in D Minor by Toft

Here in Miwaukee there is an Italian restaurant called La Buca, where they serve authentic food family-style. I accidently ate chicken Marsala there once.

It was awful: I found myself taking more servings than I was entitled to, scraping the sauce out of the bottom of the bowl, and surreptitiously wiping my plate with my finger, hoping I wouldn't be noticed.

The next time I was better prepared, and made sure I had salad and veggies first and let everyone else have their share first. And then I could enjoy the remainder at my leisure.

I've come to respond to multiple recommendations of the same SGA fic in the same way: hold back, take a deep breath, and make sure I'm sitting down with time and, just in case, tissues.

This story is Chicken Marsala as made by La Buca.

Guy warning: one minor sex scene, easily read through or skipped.
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You're going to love this!

Actually, so will the guys.

*absolutely evil grin*


Okay, I can't resist any longer. While the entire thing is scrumptious, this is the part that had me howling:
"Also," Rodney said, "because men are pigs, and I include myself in this characterization, we really like to hear about two naked women doing naked women things because we find it incredibly hot."

"Ah," Teyla said. This, finally, was the heart of the matter. "And so you are able to overcome your taboos when you find it sufficiently arousing to do so."

"Sergeant Chen has a lot of videos with two women in them," Ronon said, chewing thoughtfully. "Sometimes there are a five or six women, all in the same bed."

"Wait-- Chen has a stash of lesbian porn? That I don't know about?" Rodney's eyes grew narrow. "Oh my God, the second we get home I am stealing everything on his hard drive. Why did he show it to you and not to me?"

"I brought him alcohol," Ronon said.

Sheppard lifted his head, reached across the table, and grabbed Teyla's hand. "I am so, so, so, so sorry that I came looking for you. So sorry. Tell Norol that she has no idea how sorry I am."
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Gaia says of her A Thursday Morning Concerto for the City in the Sea that "This fic came about from a discussion of the ridiculous amount of radiation the guys have been exposed to, but it was pointed out to me that two brilliant asocial people like John and Rodney would be more likely to produce an autistic child aside from that." I say that this is a beautiful, lyrical, wonderful look from inside. Read it.

From the beginning:
Kako sits patiently by the window, waiting for the sun to rise.

Teyla says that all life is governed by light and darkness.

Papa says not to wake him at such and ungodly hours, especially if he's not baring coffee and please why won't the little hellion let him sleep?

Kako prefers Teyla's reasons.

The stars hang luminous in the night sky. Sometimes Kako lies back on the balcony for hours and hours, watching for the creatures that appear there, between the dots. Most of the time they dance, waving down at him with wide smiles. Their music is unlike anything Kako has ever heard before. Every once and a while they hide beneath a stormy cloak, playing the concerto of locked doors and muffled laughs that Dad and Papa play sometimes. A duet for two voices.
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Slash written in this realm has specific literary requirements that usually can be ignored in other contexts. Specifically, voice and vocabulary and character must absolutely be perfect - or there's no sense in writing it in the first place.

Following, then, are a few well-polished pearls, most quite accessible to persons of the heteromale persuasion.

Jeeves and the Understanding
In which Bertie has a birthday and Jeeves has too much to drink.

Thank You, Sir
Sequel to the above. In which somebody finally notices Bertie's pages are missing from the Junior Ganymede club book.

These two stories by Timmerryn ([livejournal.com profile] rahball) are full of the sparkling speech, lightning-fast trouble-encounters, and full use of their respective talents (grit in Bertie's case, and wit in Jeeves's) that we all adore so much in the original stories. Guy-safe. More available on her website, the Blue Pages.


Wooster's School for Wayward Girls by Yahtzee (PG)
Sufficient to recommend this one is the following: "One bawdy lass I always ran into at the Algonquin had a habit of saying, 'What fresh hell is this?' I never knew what she was on about, but at this moment I began to glimpse her meaning."

Jeeves and the Blessed Indiscretion by shalott
Shalott is one of those few authors with the gift of creative mimicry: whatever story in whatever fandom in which she writes might as well have been enscribed by the original author, and this one is no exception. An exerpt: "The rest proved remarkably straightforward, at least when one discounts the cat, the housemaid, and the fire, which was put out long before reaching any of the other residences on the street, and without injury to any of the inhabitants, though I have to call that a pity."

My Man Jeeves, by Sue. Bertie is left desolate when an aunt's butler requires Jeeves' assistance. A portion: "'Come on, old thing,' I cajoled mercilessly. 'This is not the Jeeves past form has led us to expect. Where's the decisive thinker? Where's the old get-up-and-strangle-'em spirit?'"

Humble Servant by Bad Faery is a mite darker, more pensive, and definitely more scorchingly hot than the normal sparkle of suggestion in this fandom. This is not to say that it should not be read! But I will not offer any excerpts.


Jeeves Cuts a Gordian Knot
How does one get rid of a determined Florence?


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